story OF peranakan family

from Koh Chik Garden


Our Beginning

Koh Chik meant the youngest brother. This was a nickname that has been addressed by the Baba Nyonya family of our late father because the family hopes to have daughters after him. "Koh" means brother in Hokkien, while "Chik" is "kecik" (small) in Malay.

Kluang was the hometown of Koh Chik. It is where he grew up and the land he loved so much. Koh Chik spent his lifetime in the plantation industry. He had managed oil palm estates, fruit farms, and vegetable farms in different countries and cities.

Koh Chik returned to his hometown in 2018 to start his retirement life. He would like to provide a hub that could gather laughter and happiness. He planned to run a Kampung-style homestay, serving Baba Nyonya cuisine and with a garden tour. However, he passed away on 3rd April 2020. After all, we inherited the spirits of Koh Chik and established Koh Chik Garden in the same year.

2020 was a toilsome year for every one of us. Thus, we converted the business model from service to product based.

This is Koh Chik (with a yellow Bruce Lee T- shirt), our lovely neighbour(the middle lady with a beautiful smile) , Luo Chun Sou, and her daughter.


The signage

Koh Chik designed and painted the signage by himself. Hibiscus represents a variety of flowers, while papaya means tropical fruits. Also, he planted some green vegetables such as long beans, Sawi, and small Pak Choy.

We don't keep any vegetables in our garden now but herbs, flowers, and fruits. However, the signage is not only for the public to locate us but is a spirit to us.


The garden farmers

To run the business effectively, we moved from Johor Bahru to Kluang. Putting on the farmer's hat is a new experience for us who used to live in the city with an office dress code. Some friends said we did sacrifice a lot, but we believe this is a positive change as it makes us happier, healthier, and even closer to each other as a couple of life.



our concerns

A tropical country like Malaysia grows many quality food crops like fruits, flowers, and herbs.

Koh Chik Garden puts humble efforts into providing a quality tisane with a unique tropical taste that supports a healthier lifestyle.

What we consume not only nurtures our body, it touches our soul, too. Make tea time special.